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What is a quantum computer?

What is a quantum computer? If you want to know about computers then this article is for you. Because quantum computers are discussed in detail in this article. So if you want to know about quantum computer then read this article carefully from beginning to end.

The world of technology is developing very rapidly. Machines have started working in place of humans. There also came a time when the invention of computer made a radical change in the world of technology. Today, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the use of machines in everything from the world of medicine to tools.

Nowadays, computers are used in every place from space science to education. Meanwhile, ever since the computer was invented, its size has gradually become smaller. But despite being small, their ability to work has increased much more than before. You may have noticed that mobile chips that used to be 1GB ten years ago are now available with 1TB chips of the same size or smaller. So from this we have a good understanding of how fast technology is progressing. And in this way, another research is going on which is called quantum computer.

Quantum computers are very different from conventional computers. And according to experts, a fully developed quantum computer will be faster than a supercomputer. It is believed that quantum computers are the computers of the future that will rule our homes and various workplaces after some time. That's why we all need to know what a quantum computer is and how it differs from current computers.

What is a quantum computer?

A quantum computer is a type of computer that uses the laws and theories of quantum physics to calculate and store data. Quantum computers can do very difficult tasks in minutes. All the tasks we can't even imagine doing in today's computers. There is a reason why this quantum computer is completely different from the computers of today. Because in today's computer we use bits to do any calculation or to compute something. Where any data is stored in the format of 0's and 1's.

All kinds of information in our computer, whether it is a code, a music or a video, everything is in the format of bits, which means it is in the form of 0 and 1. Binary languages are used to write code in machine learning. which has only two values 0 and 1. Because our computer can only recognize these two digits. Computer circuits contain many transistors. which can recognize these bits and convert them into electrical signals. When I load any software to the computer to work, the code in it is converted into machine language by computer 0 and 1. As a result, the computer can work by understanding the machine language of those 0 and 1.

On the other hand, quantum computers use quantum digits instead of binary digits. These quantum digits are called qubits for short. The bits we use in computers can be both time and value. It will either be 0 or 1 but the value of the cubet can be more than 0 and 1. Three values can be stored simultaneously in the cube. It can be 0, 1, 0 and 1 simultaneously, which means that the cubet can have four values at once. And this quality is what makes quantum computers so special. And with that, for this reason, quantum computers will be much faster than other computers. It can do many complex calculations much faster than normal computers.

How Quantum Computers Work

Atoms are used for calculations in quantum computers. When scientists realize that an atom is naturally a complex calculator. Then they came up with the idea of developing a quantum computer. According to science, any atom naturally rotates just like the needle in a magnetic compass always rotates. So when this atom spins it either goes up or down. This property of atoms matches very well with digital calculations. A sprint going up an atom can be treated as 1 and a sprint coming down can be treated as 0.

But in quantum physics if we look at the spin of an atom it can be both up and down at the same time. So Kewbit is very different from normal better. That's why it can hold both zero and one values together. It is said that the speed of a 40 qubit quantum computer will be the same as the current supercomputer. Quantum computing is used in quantum computers. Which obeys the laws of quantum physics.

The qubits used in quantum computers are filled with so much energy that it is difficult to activate them.Its temperature is to be brought to absolut zero. It means colder than space. Epsilon 0 means -273 degrees Celsius. If the temperature does not reach 0, they will not work properly. Because of this, coding works a little differently on this computer.

What is the future of quantum computers?

The current era is showing a lot of scientific interest in quantum computers. Ever since the computer came into existence, it has been gradually becoming more powerful. For this, some need a very fast working computer and some need a very powerful computer.

When will the quantum computer come?

It is very difficult to predict how soon this quantum computer will reach us. Because since I said about temperature, you may understand that making this quantum computer does not seem to be a very simple task. It requires very advanced tools and complex algorithms to build it. which is beyond the reach of current scientists.

Creating this computer algorithm is a very complex task. So very few scientists do research on it. Since this computer is very advanced and very fast, it is considered an advanced option from the military point of view. Big companies that understand its importance are investing heavily in it. Big companies like Google, IBM, Intel, etc. are recharging heavily on quantum computers.

Meanwhile, the Indian government has also developed Quantum Information Science and Technology to boost research on quantum computers. But as important as this technology is, the number of expert scientists in this sector is very less. According to one estimate, there are less than a thousand expert scientists in the field of quantum computers doing research on it. Experts believe that quantum computer technology can revolutionize healthcare communication, artificial intelligence, and even the defense and agriculture sectors.

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